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Moved to new larger premises for IT Disposal in Glasgow

Disk-Demolition.co.uk have now moved to larger premises in Glasgow.

This recent move will allow an expansion in the off site data destruction processsing and allow larger quantities of equipment to be collected from customers and removed to be processed at our facility. This means less hassle for customers – we simply turn up and remove redundant IT equipment.

In addition to our physical data destruction processes, we will now also be offering software data destruction – this is better for the environment as it allows the computer hard drive to potentially be reused in line with Waste Hierarchy best practise.

All potential customers are welcome to arrange a viewing of our new Glasgow premises to allow them to see exactly how our IT disposal service works – feel free to get in touch!

Disk-Demolition.co.uk New Premises


Free data backup/sync software – secure your data!

Everyone knows they should backup their data but it is often confusing and a hassle. SugarSync is a great piece of software that keeps your data safe and backed up. It also allows you to access your data from anywhere on the internet or even from your mobile phone.

Personal users get 5GB of free storage (plenty for your most important documents, photos and more) and it synchronises the selected data on your computer with the SugarSync servers (the ‘cloud’) so if the worst happened and you lost your laptop you could still see your data from any computer with an internet connection, and all you have to do when you get a new computer is sync your data back to it.

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New Sky Undelete Feature – how does it work?

You’ve probably seen the recent TV and billboard adverts with Jonathan Ross promoting the new Sky+HD Undelete feature, but how does it work?

This is a really clever new feature of the Sky+ boxes and it might seem like some fancy new technology but in reality it is not – that’s just the way computer hard disk drives work.

Every Sky+ box contains a hard drive and that’s what records your favourite TV programs – just like the data on a computer. And just like a computer, pressing the delete button on your Sky box does not actually delete the recorded program – it just removes the index to that program and tells the box that there is now free space on the hard drive.

This is exactly the same as deleting a file from your computer – it is not actually removed from the hard disk. Granted, it is not as simple to retrieve as using Sky’s ‘undelete’ button but it is fairly simple if you know how.

That’s why it is important to properly securely erase the data on computer hard drives when they are disposed of, and that’s where we can help. Simply contact us now to find out more.

Data Protection and Data Security – an overview

What is Data Protection?

Everyone has heard about Data Protection but what is it? It is basically about ensuring that businesses make sure the data they hold on customers is kept safe and does not fall in to the wrong hands.

It is governed by the Data Protection Act (DPA), of which there are 8 principles that businesses must adhere to. The most relevant principle for this review is Principle 7:

“Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data.”

Who enforces it?

Data protection in the UK is enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (www.ICO.gov.uk); the independent Privacy Watchdog. The ICO is partially funded by the Government (this funds the processing of any Freedom of Information requests that are made to the Public Sector) and the enforcement of the Data Protection Act is funded by the fee charged to businesses who notify the ICO that they process data.

Any money from fines for breaches of the DPA goes to the Government.

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Free Home PC Security software:

Although our business is data destruction and the destruction of computer hard drives and CDs, this is security required at the end of a computer’s life, but what about securing your PC during its useful working life?

We all know that anti-virus programmes are important (search for ‘AVG Free’ if you need a free one) but just as important is to make sure that all the programmes you have running on your PC are up to date and supported by their developer.

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Disk-Demolition.co.uk now using Tabernus CESG Approved data erasure software

We are pleased to announce that we are now a Tabernus Synergy Partner and are using Tabernus software to carry out software data erasure. This data erasure software is approved by the UK Government Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) which is the UK National Technical Authority for Information Assurance.

CESG carry out testing of products and services to ensure they work as claimed, and they have approved Tabernus for use to sanitise hard drives containing data classified as Restricted, Confidential, Secret and Top Secret.

The use of this product allows us to offer an additional service to our customers – software data destruction. This gives customers another choice for the processing of their data and allows the reuse of the hard drives – an important environmental consideration.

So we can now offer the following services:

  • Software data erasure: carried out on customer sites or at our secure premises using CESG approved software
  • Physical hard disk drive destruction: carried out on customer sites or at our secure premises using CESG approved physical hard drive destruction equipment

We are always happy to discuss individual client’s needs and policies so that we can tailor a secure, cost-effective data destruction solution. Simply call us on 0845 519 7626 for a chat to discuss the best solution to your secure IT disposal requirements.

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