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It is essential that data is securely removed from any equipment when it is disposed of to avoid data breaches, data leaks and the potential fines and loss of reputation that follow

Onsite Computer Data Destruction




Onsite or Offsite Data Destruction:

Hard drives can be destroyed right in front of you in your office so the destruction can be witnessed or they can be removed for processing at our secure facility – either way the same CESG approved equipment or software is used.

CESG Approved Software Data Erasure




Software Data Erasure:

As a Tabernus Synergy Partner we use Tabernus CESG approved data erasure software – UK Government certified for use on data classified up to Top Secret and can run at HMG IA5 Lower and Higher levels. Better for the environment as allows the reuse of hard disks.

Physical Hard Disk Drive Destruction




Physical Hard Disk Drive Destruction:

If company IT disposal policy requirements dictate, hard disks can be physically destroyed – first with a CESG approved degausser then with a commercial hard disk drive crusher. Important to have this option for faulty, non-working hard drives that cannot be wiped.

Physical Hard Drive Destruction


Hard disks are degaussed using a UK Government CESG approved degausser to remove the data they contain.

This is a quick process and is effective even on faulty, non-working hard disks.


The disks are then physically destroyed using a commercial hard disk crusher to render them completely useless and provide important visual confirmation that they have been destroyed.

Issue Certificate of Destruction

The serial numbers of all hard drives are added to the certificate as proof that they have been destroyed. The certificate is issued to the customer for their records and is an essential record should they be audited.

See the process in action in the short video below.

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