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A huge amount of sensitive information can be stored on CDs and DVDs and they are often unlabelled and are very easy to lose

CD and DVD Destruction




CDs and DVDs are useful for transferring data and information between computers and users, they work universally and are quick and easy to use. They are an ideal media for backups because they can hold a large amount of information but all too often they are not correctly marked to identify the information they contain and its sensitivity.

Securely disposing of CDs is not as simple as shredding them in an office shredder, apart from the damage this can do to the shredder it is not sufficiently effective as the diagram below shows.

We use a US NSA (National Security Agency) approved commercial CD/DVD grinder to completely remove all data from discs for complete security, and of course the remains of the discs are recycled.

As with all our data destruction services our CD and DVD destruction can be carried out on site or offsite to meet particular business needs and policies. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

CD & DVD Destruction Methods

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Unit 21
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Tel: 0141 374 2141

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