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We follow the Waste Heirarchy principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and actively promote the reuse of redundant IT equipment – better for Corporate Social Responsibility and the environment

We operate a Zero Landfill Policy for all equipment collected and promote Reuse Before Recycling.

Computer Reuse and Recycling






Computer Refurbishment and Reuse

We aim to reuse as much equipment as possible, by testing, refurbishing and checking all retired computers. Older computers can still be of use to individuals and organisations who do not require the latest and fastest machines.

This extends the life of equipment and saves the energy used in recycling which allows businesses to minimise the environmental impact of their IT disposals and improve their environmental credentials.

Computer and WEEE Recycling Glasgow





Computer Recycling and WEEE Recycling

Broken or obsolete equipment is recycled at Approved Treatment Facilities (ATFs) and we operate a Zero Landfill Policy for equipment removed from customer sites – environmentally this is the next best option after reuse.

Recycling has massive benefits over sending scrap to landfill – recycling one tonne of steel scrap saves 80% of the CO2 produced when making new steel.

We are registered with SEPA as a Waste Carrier/Broker and produce Waste Transfer Notes at the time of collection so you can prove your waste has been disposed of legally.

Some examples of the items we dispose of:

  • Computers: desktops, laptops, servers
  • Monitors: TFT and hazardous CRT
  • Server room equipment: cabinets etc.
  • Telephones and telephony systems
  • Hazardous UPSs
  • Mobile and office phones
  • Cables: power cables, data cables etc.
  • Printers, scanners, fax machines
  • Photocopiers
  • Network equipment: switches, routers etc.

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Unit 21
Anniesland Business Park
Glasgow G13 1EU

Tel: 0141 374 2141

Registered in Scotland: SC198638
SEPA Registered Waste Carrier/Broker: SCO/334817

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