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Free Home PC Security software:

Although our business is data destruction and the destruction of computer hard drives and CDs, this is security required at the end of a computer’s life, but what about securing your PC during its useful working life?

We all know that anti-virus programmes are important (search for ‘AVG Free’ if you need a free one) but just as important is to make sure that all the programmes you have running on your PC are up to date and supported by their developer.

This is important because old versions of programmes become susceptible to attack by hackers, there can be vulnerabilities – ‘holes’ – that can be exploited by people wanting to attack your PC.

Hence a good and up to date anti-virus programme is essential, but it is only half the battle; you also need to ensure your programmes are up to date.
A great – and free – way of doing this is to use Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI); it’s free for personal use and once installed it scans your PC and alerts you to out of date or end of life programmes and helps you update them to the latest version. This should be thought of as essential for any computer or laptop.

If you do anything on your computer today, make sure you download this and add another layer of protection to your PC. And when the time comes to dispose of your old PC make sure you get it done properly so nobody has access to all the data you have built up over the life of the PC – speak to www.disk-demolition.co.uk

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Unit 21
Anniesland Business Park
Glasgow G13 1EU

Tel: 0141 374 2141

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