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Benefits of our Computer Recycling and IT Disposal services

Free Compter RecyclingWe are pleased to be able to offer a computer recycling and disposal service for both commercial and domestic customers.

We know we are not the only company offering this service so we thought it is worth pointing out a couple of things to bear in mind when giving your old computers to a company to dispose of.

Waste Licences

When you give your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment to a company to dispose of, that company has to have licences to be able to legally accept and deal with your waste.

We have all required licences:

  • SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) Registered Waste Carrier/Broker
  • SEPA Paragraph 48 Exemption to store waste
  • SEPA Paragraph 47 Exemption to refurbish IT equipment
  • Registered under the Data Protection Act
  • Waste Transfer Notes issued

Make sure you are giving your waste to someone who is licenced to accept it – it’s your responsibility!

Data Destruction Capabilities

There are lots of free utilities on the internet for wiping hard disk drives. Whether they work or not is debatable and this is not the arena for that debate, but to ensure customer data security we only use UK Government CESG approved hardware and software to destroy hard disks and erase data – naturally it costs us more but it is a price worth paying for customer data security and peace of mind.

We use Tabernus CESG certified data erasure software and provide Certificates of Destruction showing the serial numbers of all hard disk drives destroyed for customer records and audit trail.

Externally Audited Company

Our data erasure and destruction services and our computer disposal, recycling and resale services are ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management certified and we are audited annually by an external auditor.

Again, this is an additional cost to us but we feel it sets us apart as a secure, legitimate computer recycling and data destruction specialist.

We are also Affiliate Members of the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) – an organisation dedicated to promoting industry best practice.

All of this makes us a great choice for computer recycling in Glasgow!



Equipment we dispose of – computers, WEEE, monitors…

We often get asked exactly what we will remove from customer sites for legal and responsible recycling.

Not only do we provide secure, certified data destruction services (on or off customer sites) but we can also remove and dispose of many items of redundant IT/WEEE equipment, such as:

  • Desktop computers, laptops, servers, notebooks
  • Monitors – both TFT/LCD and CRT (old style)
  • Keyboards, mice and other peripherals
  • Network equipment – switches, routers, hubs
  • Telephony equipment – telephones and systems
  • Network and server cabinets
  • All types of cables
  • All electronic waste (WEEE Disposal)
  • Scanners, printers, fax machines
  • Mobile phones

We collect from sites throughout Glasgow and Scotland and through our extensive network of partners throughout the rest of the UK.

All it takes is a phone call to arrange the collection of your redundant computers and make sure they are disposed of legally, securely and responsibly.

Moved to new larger premises for IT Disposal in Glasgow

Disk-Demolition.co.uk have now moved to larger premises in Glasgow.

This recent move will allow an expansion in the off site data destruction processsing and allow larger quantities of equipment to be collected from customers and removed to be processed at our facility. This means less hassle for customers – we simply turn up and remove redundant IT equipment.

In addition to our physical data destruction processes, we will now also be offering software data destruction – this is better for the environment as it allows the computer hard drive to potentially be reused in line with Waste Hierarchy best practise.

All potential customers are welcome to arrange a viewing of our new Glasgow premises to allow them to see exactly how our IT disposal service works – feel free to get in touch!

Disk-Demolition.co.uk New Premises


Full Asset Reports of Removed Redundant IT Equipment

We can provide full Asset Reports of all the equipment we remove to help you manage your assets.

Onsite Computer Data Destruction

Once your equipment has been processed we will send you an Asset Report that shows the serial numbers and details of all computers removed so you can track your assets, update your own asset management database and ensure traceability of your disposed computer equipment.

This is in addition to our comprehensive Certificates of Destruction that provide serial number identification of all hard disk drives that have been securely destroyed.

All of this adds to the complete IT Asset Disposal service that we offer and sets us apart from some computer recyclers.

Simply contact us now to see how we can assist with the secure disposal of your redundant IT equipment.

Home Computer Recycling in Glasgow

We offer the same secure data erasure and destruction to domestic home computer users as we do to businesses and with flexible opening hours we can accept late home computer drop offs

We will legally and responsibly process home computers and as we promote reuse of equipment it is the best option environmentally.

All data is securely erased with UK Government CESG approved tools and we can send you a Certificate of Destruction to confirm this has been done.

To make it easy for home computer recycling in Glasgow, we can accept drop offs after working hours to allow you to drop off your computer after work – simply contact us to dispose of your old computer in Glasgow.

We buy your used Cisco switches, routers and networking equipment!

When it comes to clearing out an office, some of the most valuable equipment to dispose of is the Cisco kit; switches, routers, hubs etc.

If you have any used Cisco switches to dispose of simply call us to see if we can remove it for you and – depending on the model and condition – we should be able to give you a great rebate on it so you recover some of its value.

We can also remove the rest of the redundant computer equipment, ensuring the data on the computers is securely erased and becasue we promote the reuse of equipment we minimise the environmental impact of IT disposal.

Contact us now to sell your used Cisco kit!

Information sources for environmental regulations

All UK businesses are affected by the many environmental regulations that apply to the storage and disposal of redundant computer/IT equipment and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

It can all seem like a bit of a minefield but businesses need to know and be aware of their legal responsibilities. We are always happy to discuss this to ensure you disposae of your equipment legally and responsibly but there is also a good amount of information online that we recommend businesses check.

SEPA – Scottish Environment Protection Agency: www.sepa.org.uk

SEPA are responsible or licencing waste companies and ensuring everything is done legally and responsibly. Their website offers advice on what businesses need to check when dealing with waste companies and their responsibilities.

It is important to remember that waste cannot be stored on a site unless the site holds a permit or exemption so waste must be removed promptly by a registered Waste Carrier.

NetRegs – www.netregs.org.uk

This is a another website full of information on the latest environmental reglations and how they affect businesses – it is well worth a look. You can also sign up to their free update newsletter to make sure you are always made aware of any changes in the law.

There is much to be aware of when disposing of redundant IT equipment and sending computers for recycling – feel free to call us on 0845 519 7626 if you have any queries and we will be more than happy to advise and tailor a computer recycling solution to meet your specific needs.

Disk-Demolition.co.uk Celebrate One Year of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certification

We are extremely proud to celebrate our one year anniversary of achieving ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certification for our secure computer disposal, computer recycling and secure data erasure/destruction services.

There are very few IT Asset Disposal and computer recycling companies in Glasgow or indeed the UK that hold both of these certificates and we believe achieving them sets us apart from many of the other computer recycling companies operating in the market.

By using a comany that has been externally audited against these standards you can be assured that they operate a reliable and robust Quality Management System and take the security and confidentiality of customer data seriously and have the processes in place to maintain data security.

We only use UK Government CESG approved data erasure software and physical hard disk drive destruction equipment for our secure computer disposal services and we can provide full asset reports of all equipment removed for a complete computer disposal and recycling service.

Contact us today for all your computer recyling in Glasgow, Scotland and the UK.

Disk-Demolition.co.uk added to Friends of the Earth Scotland “Green Business Links”

We are delighted that we have been added to the Friends of the Earth Scotland website under their Green Business Links section

Friends of the Earth Scotland Green Business Links

Friends of the Earth Scotland is Scotland’s leading environmental campaigning organisation, an independent Scottish charity with a network of thousands of supporters and active local groups across Scotland.

They are part of the largest grassroots environmental network in the world, uniting over 2 million supporters, 77 national member groups, and some 5,000 local activist groups – covering every continent.

We share Friends of the Earth Scotland’s view that everybody has a duty to protect and improve the environment, and we believe that our commitment to a Zero Landfill Policy while maximising the reuse of disposed computers and IT equipment all helps to protect our natural resources and ensure the world is a better place to live in – now and for the future.

Simple data destruction solutions, simple pricing

We aim to make the whole process of disposing of redundant IT equipment and removing computers for recycling as simple and efficient as possible, with the minimum disruption to the customer.

When the time comes to dispose of old computers you want the process to be quick and efficient. We will collect redundant computers, WEEE and IT equipment and issue a Waste Transfer Note right there and then.

The old computers are then taken to our secure premises where the hard drives are removed and destroyed, with Certificates of Destruction emailed to customers as soon as the hard disks are processed. This data destruction can of course take place on customer sites to meet individual security policies and we operate a simple per-unit pricing – customers are simply charged for each hard drive destroyed.

One of our key environmental aspirations is to maximise the amount of redundant equipment that is reused, and in many cases we can use the value of equipment to offset costs resulting in free recycling collections for customers, offering very cost-effective IT disposal: great for customers and great for the environment.

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