South Carolina Gamecocks Football

Every year, as the summer season comes to an end, Carolina Gamecock fans start counting down the days until the first football game of the season. It is an exciting time of year in Gamecock Country and if you happen to be in town during a home game weekend, you will not want to miss out on this unique experience!

Fans travel from near and far to tailgate with family and friends and cheer on their beloved Gamecocks. On game day, the South Carolina State Fairgrounds open up their doors bright and early to tailgating fans and the party quickly surrounds William Brice Stadium. By mid afternoon, almost every parking space imaginable has been filled and the tailgating is going strong. Fans spend the afternoon challenging each other to games like cornhole and ladder golf while listening to music, eating delicious tailgate food, and drinking with family and friends.

Worried that you will miss the party because the Gamecocks play at noon while you are in town? Never fear, Gamecock fans are a dedicated bunch and for those early games, fans start the party a couple of hours early! Just load up your vehicle with some chips and dip, a couple of chairs, and your favorite koozie and head towards the fairgrounds to join the party. Forgot your Garnet and Black clothing and gear? Check out some of the local vendors around the stadium selling Gamecock paraphernalia.

As it gets closer to kickoff, the cheering begins and fans start makingแทงบอลออนไลน์ their way towards Williams Brice Stadium. The cheering and hollering has just begun and you can count on continued chants of support from the fans for the rest of the game! It won’t take long to catch on to crowd favorites and you will soon find yourself cheering right along for the USC Gamecocks.

As the Gamecock football team rushes out onto the field, the excitement and energy within the stadium will have everyone on their feet cheering for the players straight through kickoff. The energy remains high throughout the game and hits several peaks as the Gamecocks make a good play or score a touchdown. If you get the munchies during the game and can pry yourself away from the intensity for a few moments, visit the concession stands that offer your classic football snacks like pretzels, pizza, nachos, candy bars and more.

The outcome of the game has a direct effect on the mood in Columbia for the rest of the evening, so cheer for those Gamecocks with all that you’ve got! There is nothing more exciting than leaving Williams Brice Stadium with over 80,000 smiling fans that are ready to hit the town and continue celebrating a successful night at Gamecock Stadium. Fans continue the celebration well into the night at restaurants and bars in the Vista Downtown and Five Points.